Chase Routing Number Texas Guide

Chase Routing Number Texas

Chase Routing Number Texas

If you have ever handled any banking transactions, you might have heard the word ‘ Routing Numbers’ multiple times. Be it any bill payment or tax refunds, the routing number of your bank is the base to every other transaction.

Routing numbers are generally the 9-digit identification number for banks. In plain words, these numbers are your bank’s address, to track and find your money and transactions. Routing numbers are necessary for tasks like making ACH payments, direct deposits, money transfers between banks and other institutions.

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Chase Routing Number Texas

To send or receive domestic wires and to set up automatic bill payments Routing number is essential. If you are a Chase banker looking to send or receive money or a customer looking to send money to a Chase bank account, you are in the right place.

Chase Routing Numbers Texas differs from region to region. Chase has numerous branches throughout the united states, which is why each area needs a unique routing number. Saving accounts and checking accounts of chase operate with the same routing numbers.

Identifying the routing number can be done using their online portal or from the cheque used for your transaction. Here is how one can identify their branch’s routing number using their website.

  • Open the Website ‘HERE
  • To view your account details, select ‘Activity.’
  • Located next to our business account name, select the last four digits of your account.
  • You can find your routing number there.

To figure out the routing number from the cheque, look for the bottom left corner with a symbol before and after the nine-digit number. It is usually the leftmost number in the bottom of the cheque. If you do not feel confident about these methods, one can always call the call center.

You can reach the Chase customer service at the number 800-935-9935. They might require you to identify yourself, but that’s about it, the routing number can be received over the phone.

For example, the Chase Routing Number of Texas is 111000614. This number is the unique Id of the Texas branch of Chase bank. The first four digits of the figure are the Federal Reserve Routing Symbol. The next four digits 0061 here identify the ABA Institution identifier. The last digit of the routing number, which is 4 for Texas, is the check digit.

Other kinds of Routing numbers:

Wire transfers are comparatively quicker than ACH transfer. For wire transfers, Chase banks use different routing numbers. To receive money through wire transfer, the sender might require your necessary bank details. This transaction demands a different Routing number. The Chase Routing Number for wire transfers is 021000021. This number will possibly be different from the ones found on your checks. So while doing wire transactions, be sure to do it either online or by visiting a branch in person.

get more knowledge:

To process a wire transfer, the information like name of the receiver, name address and phone number of receiving bank, their chase routing number texas, and checking account number. Domestic wire transfers require the JP Morgan Chase transferring routing number 021000021, while international transfer requires additional information like the Chase SWIFT code, which is equivalent to the local routing numbers.

The Chase routing number texas is a large institution, which is why it has various bank branches and regional codes for separate banks. Here are the Chase Routing Number for most famous regions:

Chase bank routing number California: 322271627

Chase bank routing number Michigan: 072000326

Chase bank routing number Florida: 267084131

Chase bank routing number Illinois: 071000013

Chase bank routing number Ohio: 044000037

Chase bank routing number Indiana: 074000010

Chase bank routing number colorado: 102001017

Chase routing number Wisconsin: 075000019

Chase bank routing number Arizona: 122100024



A 9 digit Id number for the bank, which is also known as routing transit number (RTN) or American Bankers Association (ABA) number, is the chase routing number texas. The routing number helps in identifying the bank and branch, the transaction should process too.

Is There a Routing Number on Your Debit or Credit Card?

The debit cards do not use routing numbers in transactions as they directly link to the bank. Credit cards are not directly related to any bank account; therefore, while paying online, you might have to use your bank’s routing number to connect the credit card account and the checking account. chase Routing number texas is required when transfers take place directly between bank accounts.

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