HSBC routing number guide

HSBC routing number

HSBC routing number guide

HSBC routing number is a significant nine-digit number that is the only convenient way to make bank payments. The routing numbers of any of the banks are assigned on the basis of the branch in which you hold your account. When we talk about Routing numbers, first, it is essential to know what the routing number exactly means here.

What are routing numbers?

The routing number is the unique number that shows the location where the account holder opens the account. The concept of routing numbers has made it easy for the credit unions as well as the banks to grant funds to other financial institutions. 

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HSBC routing number

Whenever you need to transfer the funds, you will be asked for the routing number of the concerned bank account. The routing number play sits role for transferring money online by any means.

The routing number is known as the routing transit number and also an ABA routing number. With the technique of the routing numbers, the cashless transfer of money has become a plus point as these routing numbers have proved an advantage for the customers while they can make bank transactions anywhere and anytime easily.  

About HSBC Bank:

HSBC bank stands for Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. HSBC bank is the multinational banking and financial services company that operates in 71 nations across the globe.

It provides its services in North America, Europe, and Asia and is headquartered in London, UK. It provides high-class banking services to its clients, such as retail banking and wealth management, commercial banking, global banking and markets, and global private banking as well. Its stock market operates in many countries.

The personal banking services include Demat accounts, fixed deposit account, debit cards, etc. and the unique service includes Smart Money Account. HSBC ABA number provides favorable services of banking that include the business account services, corporate services, and the institutional banking services to the clients as well. 

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Why do you need an HSBC Bank routing number?

HSBC Bank is a nationwide bank that has branches all over the world. For ensuring the hassle-free transactions from different branches of HSBC and the routing numbers are corresponding to the branch location. The HSBC New York routing numbers are meant for the easy to confirm the transaction.

Thus, HSBC NYC has opted for the method of choosing the different routing numbers for the branches in different states. But yes, for a few states, the banks share the same routing number. 

Know your US HSBC routing numbers online

You can see the HSBC Routing numbers by logging on the official page of HSBC Bank. On the official site, you can see all the details of your online account, such as account number and the routing number as well when you log in to online banking.

When you log in, you can check the account transaction page. The HSBC routing number is a unique code that is used to make all transactions. But to know your routing number, you should know the location code. So, you should remember the correct location of your branch of the HSBC Bank.

The routing number is the first nine digits of the code. The account number is generally the 10-12 digit code specific to the banks’ personal account. 

Routing numbers on the cheque

On the cheque, let’s see how you can see the routing numbers on the cheque. It is the first set of numbers that you can see printed electronically on the cheque. You can see the bank’s routing number, the nine-digit account number, and the account holder’s name on the cheque of HSBC Bank. 

The account number is printed on the left side of the cheque, whereas the name of the account holder is printed at the bottom of the cheque. The routing number is the first nine digits of the code electronically printed on the cheque.


HSBC routing number is different for every state they have branches. HSBC Bank has different routing numbers for every state where they have their branch.

It has been observed that small banks and other financial institutions have only one routing number for every state. HSBC routing number is the direct transfer numbers that have proved to be the most successful banking services.

Routing Number of Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, E-transfer in all the branches of HSBC Bank: 021001088. There is no different routing number for every transaction.

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