Ultimate Zions Bank Routing Number guide.

Zions Bank Routing Number

Zions Bank Routing Number

In 1873, at Salt Lake City the Zions First National Bank was started and continues its legacy of stability and strength as the earliest financial institutions located in the Intermountain West.

It brings the value to institutions, corporations, nonprofits, small-to-middle-market businesses, and individuals, Zions Banks will offer a wide range of innovative technology and traditional banking services.

With its network of 122 financial centers with full-service across Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, the Zion bank will offer numerous features such as mobile baking, online banking, Executive & Private Banking services, Credit Card of Amazing Rewards, home equity loan, and mortgage options for their consumers.

Importance of Zions Bank Routing Number

Zions Bank customers will prefer to make the bank transaction with the assistance of Zions Bank Routing Number. You can utilize this routing number for financial institution identification behind the transaction. It is specially designed to use the routing numbers to help the ship, bundle, and sort paper checks.

Later part with the progression, the new design for a transaction is implemented. This method of new-age transfers was mostly Wire transfers and Automated Clearing House. Hence, these transaction modes are incorporated by using the routing number system.

What bank has routing number 124000054?

ZB NA DBA Zions Bank routing number is 124000054. For electronic funds transfer, customers can utilize this bank routing number. You can find the Zions Bank routing number (the ZB NA DBA Zions Bank’s first nine digits number) will be located near the bottom left-hand corner of your check.

The routing number will assist you in the money market, savings, and checking accounts for financial institution identification to know where the account is located and opened here.

Make use of the IBAN checker to validate the address, BIC code, owning bank account identification, and an International Bank account number length & structure.

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Who owns Zions First National Bank?

On 20th Sep 2017 the Zions First National Bank (ZB NA) was included under the Settlement Agreement that created with U.S. Attorney Office at Pennsylvania (Eastern District) to settle the allegations.

The Zions & its affiliated payment processor will need to facilitate customer fraud by offering the best payment processing services to Internet merchants & telemarketing to restrict debiting illegal money from consumer’s bank accounts.

The government & Zions bank reached under the civil settlement will need to process the penalty of civil money of $3.6 million to the United States Treasury.

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What states have Zions Bank?

Zions Bank will operate the full-banking service across the various office in 10 Southwestern and Western states such as Washington, Arizona, Utah, California, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Nevada. Zions Banks will operate in community locations throughout Idaho & Utah, and also include more than 300 ATMs in the two states.

How many branches does Zions Bank have?

Zions First National Bank with its primary holding with operates across 150 branch offices, 214 ATMs with an asset worth value of $8.5 billion. The overall collection of Zion’s banks will include over 400 branch offices.

Is Zions Bank Insured?

The depositor at the Zions Bank would like to know how to increase the insurance protection amount and as well as insure the deposits. For specific purposes like N.A trade names & divisions, all Zions Bancorporation, and your FDIC insurance coverage as a single bank.


Q: What is the cost for Online Banking?

Ans: Bill Pay & Online Banking is included with entire non-business or personal accounts at free of cost. Even Business Online Banking is also included free of cost.  You will not be charged for the first 25 Business Bill Pay payments and after that, for each bill, you will be charged at $0.50.

Q:The Best and perfect loan for me?

Ans: If you prefer to know the best and perfect loan for you, please reach out to the nearby Zions Banks branch and contact the available personal bankers. You can also call 800-789-5626 to reach the Zions TeleLoan Center.

Q: How to utilize the Mobile Banking feature?

Ans: You can download the mobile application of Zions Banks from the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store or Apple App Store or even access the official Zions Bank website on your mobile web browser. Once you are prompted, you can input the Online Banking User ID and as well as the account password. After login, you need to accept the Service Agreement to access the Mobile banking feature.

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